Confused Words with Meaning

Confused Words with Meaning!

What are the Confusing Words?

Some words in English cause trouble for speakers and writers because these words share a similar pronunciation, meaning, or spelling with another word. These words are called commonly confused words. Words that share a similar pronunciation, meaning, or spelling are listed below with meaning.




Confused words Confused Words with Meaning

1 Allowed Permitted
Aloud Clearly heard
2 Allude Make indirect reference
Elude Escape from something
3 Ate Past tense of eat
Eight The number
4 To In the direction of something
Too Also
5 Coarse Rough
Course Way or path
6 Quiet Silent
Quite Really,  positively
7 Loose Free
Lose Misplace
8 Forth Forward
Fourth The number comes after three
9 Principal Chief person, Head person
Principle Rule, law
10 Then At that time
Than Comparison
11 Buy Purchase
By Preposition
12 Week Seven days
Weak Feeble
13 Brake Stopping device
Break Split, smash
14 Here In this place
Hear Perceive, listening
15 Plane Flat surface
Plain Simple
16 Further Abstract idea
Farther Physical distance
17 Stationary Not moving
Stationery Writing paper etc.
18 Capitol Building
Capital City, wealth
19 Whether If, in case
Weather Atmosphere
20 Witch Sorceress
Which What one


Confusing Words in English Confused Words with Meaning

21 Piece Part, portion
Peace Absence of war
22 Whom Object
Who Subject
23 Ensure Guarantee
Insure Financial liability
24 Emigrate Leave your own country
Immigrate Come and live in a country
25 House Is still a house even if no one living inside it
Home Is a place where you live or the location
26 Gone to You’ve traveled and not returned yet
Been to You’ve traveled and have already returned
27 Good Adjective
Well Adverb
28 Guarantee Refers towards promise
Warranty Used for products
29 Insight In depth
Incite Provoke to action
30 Last Final
Latest Most recent
31 Morale State of spirit
Moral Lesson
32 Peak Top
Pique Provoke, Arouse
33 Poison If we inhale
Venom Is injected
34 Poor Have no money
Pore Putting
35 Pray Asking to God
Prey Animal that is hunted
36 Remember Think of a memory
Reminder Notes, Cell alerts
37 Review To examine
Revise Correction of errors
38 Sell Verb
Sale Noun
39 Accident Bad  event
Incident Any event
40 Averse Describes a situation
Adverse Goes against what you want
41 Advice Noun
Advise Verb
42 All ready Everything is ready
Already Happened earlier
43 Altar Place of religious ceremonies
Alter Change
44 Appraise To elevate
Apprise To inform or notify
45 Assure Removing doubts or anxiety
Insure Pay for any damage or loss
46 Confidant Self-trust
Confident Feel about good outcome
47 Beside Next to
Besides In addition to
48 Bring up Parents bring up children
Grow up Children grow up
49 Cloth Material cotton, wool
Clothes Items that we wear
50 Compliment Positive comment
Complement Two things that go together


Infographics Confused Words with Meaning

Confused Words with Meaning
Confused Words with Meaning
Confused Words with Meaning
Confused Words with Meaning

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