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Write an essay embodying your ideas as to how a Pakistani should behave in a foreign country.

More and more Pakistanis are going abroad for advanced studies, specialized training, temporary or permanent settlement, or as tourists. The largest group consists of Pakistani labor searching for jobs abroad. These people are not only emigrants but they are also ambassadors of our country. It is they who come most into contact with the people of other countries. Official ambassadors and embassies work mostly at the higher level of governments and diplomats but the ordinary Pakistani abroad is the one most likely to influence and mold the ideas and impressions of foreigners concerning Pakistan, its people, and its policies. Essay Examples

Pakistan has not much of an “image” in the world. It lacks the resources and capital to maintain massive propaganda machinery to voice its views and reflect its ideals. Until a few years ago, before Pakistan had embarked on an independent foreign policy, it was sometimes dismissed as a satellite of the West, not to be taken seriously. Many people abroad do not even know that an independent Pakistan exists on the map of the world. “Pakistan?” they ask politely when you tell them where you are from, “Isn’t that east of Sue,’–somewhere in India?” This regrettable attitude is the result of ignorance, indifference, and subtle Indian propaganda against Pakistan. It is very exasperating, but anger and irritation are not effective weapons to tight it out. Pakistani abroad has to be very careful in shouldering his grave responsibilities. He has to convey the impression of the honest, cheerful, and hard-working the average Pakistani really is he has to remove Wrong ideas of half-starving barbarians which some foreigners get after repeatedly hearing. Essay Examples

Pakistan labeled as backward and under-developed, and finally, he has to explain Pakistan’s political ideas and policies. Essay Examples

It is of the utmost importance that Pakistanis should go abroad fully equipped with the knowledge of their country’s history, culture, geography, customs and traditions, art and literature, political and economic policies and problems. This may seem an elaborate and cumbersome preparation but when foreigners ask Pakistani searching questions about his country which he cannot answer satisfactorily, they will not only think him singularly uninformed but will also conclude that the whole Pakistani nation is ignorant and unpatriotic. It is not merely a question of making a good impression but also one of maintaining the dignity and self-respect of our country. How can we dispel any wrong notions about our motherland when we ourselves are not fully posted with regard to the factual position of our country? The case of the three Pakistanis who, visiting California for the first time, we’re asked to recite their national anthem but did not know all the words and, therefore, bluffed everyone by singing a popular Punjabi song in its stead, can only fill their countrymen with shame and disgust. What little respect would the Californians have for our people if they were to see through their guests’ game? What a poor impression would it create if we could not explain fully the great traditions and ideals that go to make our national flag! Essay Examples

It is strange how Pakistani abroad does not realize the importance and value of moderation and reasonableness. Either he lives like a miser, hoarding up every cent so that he can bring back a car, a fridge, a radiogram, etc. or he proves extravagant, spending lavishly on theatres, night clubs, parties, clothes, wine, and girl-friends, grabbing fun and pleasure with the frenzy of a prisoner who has been allowed a few months of freedom (or shall we say -license) and is determined to make the most of it. In either case, the Pakistani is not doing himself or his country any good. The former attitude of stinginess ‘is not likely to gain him any friends; another disadvantage would be that it prevent him from sightseeing and exploring his new surroundings in an educative and profitable manner. The latter attitude of a spendthrift is fraught with danger. Such a person is apt to run wild. Cases have been known of Pakistanis getting involved in serious debt or caught by the police for reckless driving, drunken disorder, and being a general nuisance. These unfortunate incidents find their way into newspapers because a foreigner is involved. Embassies have sometimes to move into the matter and a very unpleasant picture of Pakistan is created in a foreign country. It is not that such incidents are, uncommon abroad. The worst crimes are regarded there with complacency as a matter of routine or viewed with indulgence as cases of juvenile delinquency. But a foreign visitor is altogether a very different proposition. He represents a country and is closely watched by the local people who in praising his good qualities, praise his country and in disparaging his bad habits, condemn his country. Our countrymen cannot be too careful in this re}pects They should steer clear of all such extremes and follow the path of moderation and dignified behavior.

When a Pakistani decorates his house, he can use Pakistani products and goods as decorations, for instance, Multan pottery and camel-leather light-shades. In this way, his foreign friends will have an idea of our culture and taste. The way he keeps his house, his standards of cleanliness and his sociability and personality make deep impressions on his hosts. There are some Pakistani localities abroad especially in Bradford, London, etc. where Pakistanis have settled in large numbers. Little Pakistanis have sprung up in England but their general uncleanliness, the betelnut (Pan) stains on the roads, the state of the kitchens, etc. reflect no credit on Pakistan.

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The Pakistani abroad should scrupulously refrain from interfering in the host country’s internal affairs or taking part in demonstrations, rallies, and riots dealing with internal problems or policies. If an international question is being debated it would be preferable if his expressed views conform faithfully to the policies of his Government. His individual freedom will necessarily be limited by the fact that he is not merely an individual but also an ambassador. Above all, whatever may be his personal opinions about the state of the internal affairs in his own country, he should refrain from washing dirty linen in public. He should attempt no criticism of the customs or ways of life of the people of the country he is visiting. Not only is this an essential requirement of the etiquette to be observed by a guest but it is also not his business to be officious or to go about moralizing and giving gratuitous advice.


We may be sarcastically reprimanded for insisting on a Pakistani behaving as an impossibly perfect traveler. If the picture suggested is beyond easy attainment one can at least try to be an ideal ambassador even if one does not succeed in doing so. He should absorb new ideas and f methods which he can adopt when he returns to his own country. There will be difficulties of foreign exchange and limited resources for the Pakistani abroad. These have to be accepted cheerfully because Pakistan is not so affluent as to put no check on its foreign exchange pending. A few years ago, at an informal gathering of Pakistanis at the Pakistan Embassy, one trainee who had come to Washington on a Government scholarship and had become conspicuous for his extravagant ways, complained loudly that he should be given more to spend. Incensed, the Pakistani ambassador turned on him and said, “Back home, bur poor farmers and workers earn precious foreign exchange by the sweat of their brows, by toil and tears, so that you can go abroad to study and then serve your country;- but here you are, ungrateful and extravagant, always Wanting to be-in the lap of luxury, always wanting more and more, never thinking of giving anything in return to your country or the poor •farmer who supports you. It is disgusting.” The trainee was reduced to silence. Essay Examples

In spite of monetary -difficulties, a Pakistani can be hospitable; social, frank, friendly, and tactful among the foreigners. In a strange land, he is likely to need help but if he can prove helpful to his new friends, he should do so wholeheartedly. A hasty temper or an uncontrolled tongue will only lead to brawls. He should maintain contact with Pakistanis.

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