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Idioms Definition and Examples!

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Idioms Definition Idioms Definition and Examples

“Proverbs are a group of words that are established to be used as a meaning that is not found in each of the words (e.g. over a month, see light).” Sayings can reduce your speaking time and increase your confidence in speaking English.

We provide illustrated sayings and meaningful expressions. Using idioms in your daily conversation you can raise your voice. Below is a list of phrases you can use in your daily conversation. Examples of examples are given below.

A simple definition is, “a phrase, phrase, or group of words that have a symbolic meaning (not a literal), which has been accepted in the same way.”

Idioms Definition and Examples

Here are 150 idiomatic phrases:


Up with the larkHe wakes up with the lark and goes to the fields.
Under a cloudAt present, he is under a cloud due to failure.
Tongue in cheekHe speaks-with tongue in cheek. He is not sincere with others.
To turn a deaf ear toHe will turn a deaf ear to my sincere advice.
To the backboneHe is an honest person to the backbone. You can trust him.
To nip something in the budWe must nip social evils in the bud If we want to progress.
To keep at arm’s lengthKeep bad boy at arm’s length.
To have an ax to grindHe is selfish. He has always his own ax to grind.
To end in fiascoThe debate about separate institutes for girls will end in a fiasco. Idioms Definition and Examples
To curry favorHe is clever. He will curry favor of his boss to get a promotion.
To burn one’s fingersYou will burn your fingers if you don’t keep away from bad company.
To blow one’s own trumpetHe blows his own trumpet to impress others.
To be at loggers headJohn and Joe are at loggers head because of money.
The swan songThis poem was a swan song of this poet.
The man in the streetThe man in the street is not interested in IQ.
The fourth estateNo one can deny the importance of the fourth estate fora progressive count.
Square holeHe is a square hole in this job. He should do Some other work.
Smooth sailingTeaching is not smooth sailing. It demands sacrifices.
Small TalkI never engage myself in small talk.
Scot-freeHe will get scot-free though he has committed, a crime.
Red tapeHe can’t get a promotion soon because of red tape.
Point blankHe proved selfish. He refused to help me point-blank.
Once in a blue moonHe comes here once in a blue moon. You should not wait for him. Idioms Definition and Examples
On the horns of a dilemmaShe is on the horns of a dilemma and can’t decide about her wedding.
On the anvilNew plans about the education system are on the anvil.
Man of partsThere is no doubt that Joe was a man of parts.
Lion’s shareI shall get a lion’s share from my father’s property.
Last strawHe is really poor and his job is his last straw.
Iron willThere is no doubt that the Quaid-e-Azam was a man of iron will.
In the good booksShikha is in my good books due to her good performance.
In one’s elementsHe was in his element after getting success in the examination.
In full swingThe semi-final match between Zealand and South Africa is in full swing.
In a fixHe is in a fix as to what to do.
Hornet’s nestHe will stir up a hornet’s nest by abusing John.
Hold waterYour statement holds water in this matter.
Herculean taskTo get success in M.A. English is a herculean task.
Hand in glove withSuccess and failure are hands in glove with each other.
French leaveHe is dishonest and will enjoy himself a french leave.
Foul playI observe a foul play in your plans.
Fair playI have fair play with my workers. I can’t deceive them.
EyewashHis success is only an eyewash.
Every inchHe is every inch an honest boy.
Crocodile tearsHe will shed crocodile tears to show his grief.
Chicken heartedAli is a chicken-hearted boy, He will keep away from any fight.
BluestockingShe is a bluestocking girl. She takes part in poetry-contests.
Birds of a featherBirds of a feather fly together.
Below the beltDon’t hit below the belt in the game,
At one’s beck and callHe is always at the beck and call of his boss.
At daggers drawnJohn and Joe are at daggers drawn with each other.
At a stone’s throwMy college is at a stone’s throw from the house.
An oily tongueYou cannot deceive me by your oily tongue.
An iron handHe-will punishes you with an iron hand if you commit any error.
An apple of discordMoney is an apple of discord for them.
A willing horseI am not a willing horse. I shall do work on my own choice.
A wild goose chaseHe made a wild goose chase to get success.
A white lieDon’t tell a white lie. Always speak the truth.
A white elephantHis old car is like a white elephant.
A wet blanketI am sure that he will prove himself a wet blanket.
A turncoatA politician in Pakistan is often a turncoat.
A storm In the teacupHis protest is just a storm in the cup.
A square mealHe is very poor and can’t get a square meal.
A square dealI have always a square deal with my customers.
A snake in the grassBeware of him, He is a snake in the grass.
A skeleton in the cupboardAlmost every family has a skeleton in the cupboard.
A ruling passionMoney has become a ruling passion for everybody in the present age. Idioms Definition and Examples
A right-hand manJohn is my right-hand man. He always helps me.
A red rag to the bullYour name is a red rag to the bull for your enemy.
A red-letter daySunday is a red-letter day for a working man.
A rainy daySave something for a rainy day if you want to lead your life happily.
A queer fishYour new boss is a queer fish because he has strange habits.
A necessary evilExaminations are a necessary evil.
A man of strawAslam is a man of straw. He can’t help you.
A man of spiritIt is true that John was a man of spirits.
A man of lettersMy uncle is a man of letters. He can impress everybody.
A maiden speechHis maiden speech in college was very good.
A laughing stockBecause of his strange dress, he made himself a laughing stock.
A labor of loveCooking for the family is a labor of love.
A jack of all tradesJohn is a jack of all trades but master of none.
A henpecked husbandAslam is a henpecked can’t make any decision alone.
A hat trickJohn had a hat trick in the cricket match.
A hard nut to crackTo get success in the B.A. examination is a hard nut to crack.
A hairbreadth escapeHe had a hairbreadth escape from the road accident.
A fish out of waterMy life is like a fish out of water without my books.
A feather in one’s capHis position in the class is a feather in his cap.
A fair-weather friendDon’t trust him. He is a fair-weather friend.
A dead letterThis law is a dead letter. It has no importance now.
A dark horseHe will prove a dark horse by getting the first position in the B.A. examination.
A cold-blooded murderThe killing of Joe and John was a cold-blooded murder.
A cock and bull storyHe told me a cock and bull story.
A close-fisted manAhmed is a close-fisted man. He does not spend any money.
A cat and dog lifeThe husband and wife often lead a cat and dog life.
A burning questionThe question between Pakistan and India.
A brown studyStartled him from his brown study.
A bosom friendAli is my bosom friend. He always helps me.
A bone of contentionKashmir is a bone of contention between Pakistan and India.
A bolt from the blueHis failure was a bolt from the blue for his parents.
A blue-eyed boyHe is a blue-eyed boy of his parents.
A black sheepAslam is the black sheep in his family because he is a thief.
A bird’s eye viewI took a bird’s eye view of the books.
A bird of passageHe is just a bird of passage. You should not trust him.
A bed of thornsLife is a bed of thorns.
A bed of rosesLife is not a bed of roses.
A beast of burdenThe donkey is a beast of burden.
A blue-eyed boyHe is a blue-eyed boy of his parents.

Idioms Definition and Examples Idioms Definition and Examples

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