Other Words for Strange – Strange Synonyms

Other Words for Strange!

Definition of Strange

  • It is an Adjective.
  • Unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain. Other Words for Strange

Other Words for Strange

  • zany
  • weird
  • way out
  • wacky
  • wacko
  • unusual
  • untypical
  • untried
  • unnatural
  • unknown
  • unheard of
  • unfamiliar
  • unexplored
  • unconventional
  • uncommon
  • uncanny
  • unaccountable
  • suspicious
  • surreal
  • spooky
  • singular
  • screwy
  • rum
  • remarkable
  • rare
  • quirky
  • questionable
  • queer
  • quaint
  • puzzling
  • perplexing
  • peculiar
  • out-of-the-way
  • outlandish
  • out there (slang) Other Words for Strange
  • out of the way
  • out of the ordinary
  • ordinary
  • off-the-wall (slang)
  • off-center
  • offbeat
  • off the wall
  • oddball
  • odd
  • novel
  • normal
  • new
  • mystifying
  • mysterious
  • like nothing on earth
  • like nothing on earth
  • left-field (informal)
  • kooky
  • kinky
  • irregular
  • inexplicable
  • incongruous
  • idiosyncratic
  • funny
  • freaky
  • freakish
  • fishy
  • fantastic
  • extraordinary
  • exotic
  • exceptional
  • eerie
  • eccentric
  • dubious
  • dilly
  • different
  • deviant
  • curious
  • creepy
  • cranky
  • conventional
  • bizarre
  • baffling
  • backswords
  • atypical
  • astonishing
  • anomalous
  • abnormal
  • aberrant Other Words for Strange

Strange Synonyms with Examples

  • Aberrant

In both groups over-eating was associated with more aberrant behavior.

  • Abnormal

The child’s abnormal behavior was disturbing to those around him.

  • Anomalous

The situation was an anomalous one.

  • Astonishing

The truck can hold an astonishing amount of stuff.

  • Atypical

All of these examples show atypical social behavior.

  • Backswords

Some backswords do have a short false edge.

  • Baffling

He walked through the halls quickly, the emerging thoughts in his head baffling him.

  • Bizarre

He was at ease with the bizarre discussion.

  • Conventional

Most of her books are conventional detective stories.

  • Cranky

His cranky words echoed in her thoughts, and she smiled to herself

  • Creepy

It’s a little creepy to have someone like that around.

  • Curious

The cat was naturally curious about its new surroundings.

  • Deviant

She backed away from his door, wondering how that deviant thought emerged.

  • Different

There’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion.

  • Dilly

Keep dilly-dallying with lunch and winter will be over!

  • Dubious

The little priest rose with a distinctly dubious grimace.

  • Eccentric

It does sound a little eccentric, doesn’t it?

  • Eerie

All of them wore eerie red contact lenses. Other Words for Strange

  • Exceptional

Even an exceptional salesperson has an imperfect memory.

  • Exotic

You are exotic to me.

  • Extraordinary

My parents are extraordinary people.

  • Fantastic

For supper we had a fantastic 6-course meal.

  • Fishy

There is something fishy about her.

  • Freakish

Panic stirred at the idea of Gabriel dragging her to some freakish underworld.

  • Freaky

She sensed danger and promise from the freaky guy loitering in the shadow world.

  • Funny

Mr. Bean was a funny character.

  • Idiosyncratic

There may be a delay or total lack of language or the use of repetitive and idiosyncratic language.

  • Incongruous

If he tried, his pictures seemed incongruous and false.

  • Inexplicable

Inexplicable anger at the politician surged through her.

  • Irregular

Adjective his behavior as a teacher was highly irregular.

  • Kinky

Sweat beads the size of mushroom caps gathered beneath his sparse and kinky hair.

  • Kooky

Doodling kooky faces and shapes can also lead to smiling which relaxes tension in the jaw and face.

  • Mysterious

We heard a mysterious noise outside our tent.

  • Mystifying

The cause of the disease mystified doctors for many years.

  • Novel

Sounds like a dime novel, doesn’t it?

  • Oddball

For once, she hoped ully’s oddball experiment didn.

  • Offbeat

She has an offbeat sense of humor.

  • Out of the way

Its integral bipod is totally out of the way when not in use.

  • Outlandish

She fills her books with outlandish characters.

  • Quirky

The actor wore funny clothes and spoke in a weird accent because his character was supposed to be quirky.

  • Rare

You have a rare ability among our kind.

  • Spooky

It’s kind of spooky knowing that’s a part of a human being.

  • Surreal

He studied the surreal imagery of the situation.

  • Uncanny

She has an uncanny way of sticking to pertinent details.

  • Unfamiliar

She stopped, unfamiliar with the sight of death.

  • Unnatural

He did not finish, but gave a painfully unnatural smile.

  • Wacko

Yeah, well, he’s a wacko.

  • Wacky

She kept telling herself she’d wake up from this wacky dream soon.

  • Way out

Wayout sentence examples. There’s no way out of this?

  • Weird

It’s like i was in this weird dream.  Other Words for Strange

  • Zany

His zany sense of humor and sardonic tone are not everyone’s cup of tea.

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