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Certainty assurance, sureness
Seem look, appear
Likely probable Synonyms Words
Human race humanity, mankind, human beings
Came into came into being
Discover find, know
Purpose aim, object, end
Surround encircle, enclose
Fear horror
Frightening fearful, horrible, terrifying, frightful
Stretches expanse, vastness
Benefit profit, gain, take advantage
Greatly immensely, sufficiently, considerably, very much
Deal with concern, be about, pertain to
Maintenance continuity, continuation
Production output, yield
Preservation conserving
Construction building
Improvement betterment
Communication Transmission, contact, message
Transportation conveyance
Happening event, incident
Consider Think, deem, ponder
Strange Queer, unusual
Mysterious puzzling, strange, perplexing, incomprehensible
Generally usually
Critical censorious, fault-finding
Ancestors forefathers
Suppose assume
Unusually uncommonly
Likely possibly, probably
Undoubtedly certainly, surely
Academic educational
Boundary limit
Career life
Get through succeed, pass
Class group
tempt try
seriously gravely”
take good succeed
Native inborn, innate
Ability capability, faculty, competence
Concentrate focus, pay attention to
Task Synonyms Words work, assignment
Assigned given, allotted,
Sharpen make pointed
Badly very much, greatly; desperately, intensely
Observe view, look, see
Nervous anxious, worried, agitated, neurotic
proof eradicate, end
Eradicate uproot, remove, get rid of
take himself by the collar deal firmly with himself
Cultivate develop, generate, promote
poise composure
Calm composure, poise
mother check, control, end
Indeed certainly, surely, without doubt
Fortunate lucky
Unbelievable incredible
Exist present
Likelihood possibility, probability
Expect hope, look for, anticipate
prevention stop, control, avoidance
Sanitary clean, hygienic
Imagine think, conceive
Unpaved not covered with stone
Poorly drained having a poor draining system
Garbage waste, rubbish
Refuse rubbish, waste, junk
Sewage matter conveyed in sewers
Disposal throwing away
Demonstrate show
Unsanitary dirty, unclean, unhygienic
Sanitation Synonyms Words cleanliness
Prevent stop
Population crowed
Aqueduct conduct, channel, watercourse
Deliver supply
Remarkable noteworthy, notable, exceptional
Advance progress, development
Healthful health-giving, wholesome
Variety diversity
Obtain get
Climate weather, clime
Thrifty careful, frugal, prudent
Preserve conserve
Canning preserving by putting into cans or tins
Pickling preserve
Coast seashore, shore, seaside
Regardless of irrespective of, disregarding, heedless of
Quick rapid, fast
Nutritious healthful, wholesome, nourishing
Select choose, pick out
Grade classify, categorize, class
Process handle, manage, organize
Risk danger
poison defile, pollute, contaminate, envenom
dehydration removal of water or moisture
surroundings Environment
attitude Synonyms Words behavior, viewpoint, outlook, way of thinking

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