Use of Prepositions with Examples

Use of Prepositions with Examples!

Preposition Definition Use of Prepositions with Examples

A pronoun is a word used to link nouns, pronouns, or phrases with other words in a sentence. They make connections with people, objects, time, and places of a sentence. Prefixes often tell us where one noun is related to another. Here we will discuss the proper use of the adjective. Use of Prepositions with Examples

  1. Don’t laugh______ poor people.
  2. He was accused of stealing ________.
  3. Please, give _______ smoking.
  4. He will not turn ________ my request. (of, at, up, down)
  • He was very kind _______ animals
  • I arrived late ______ at the office today.
  • What time is ________ your watch?
  • He leaned against the _________ pillar. (by, to, for, against)
  1. Don’t look down on _______ poor people.
  2. He was deprived of _______ his watch.
  3. The princess was married to a ________ hero.
  4. Send this letter _______ to my address. (over. to, to, to)
  • He was addicted to smoking ______.
  • I have been waiting for ________ my friend.
  • We cannot trust him _______.
  • You will have to answer ________ for your actions. (open, for, to, for)
  1. He was not at school __________.
  2. She sucked _______- her lessons.
  3. You must keep ______ your promise.
  4. We must stop _______ lying. (by, by, by, from)
  • The chairperson presides over the _________ meeting.
  • This road leads to ________ Lahore.
  • Walking in the morning helps _____ health.
  • Lahore is a popular garden of _____. (to, more, to, of)


Ali is a _______ smoker addict.

He was charged with theft of ______.

I am late for _____ college.

He was being chased_______ by car. (so that, because, and more)

I do not agree with your suggestion _______.

My friend approved my ______ request.

They are all shocked _____news. Use of Prepositions with Examples

He came down _______ into the house. (to, to, at, from)

I swear to God. Use of Prepositions with Examples

Please stop smoking ______.

She is useless ______ her beauty.

Listen to _____ my speech. (by, of, from, to)

He does not see _______ one eye.

She has _______ skills in English.

You should not know _______law.

She is not entitled to ______ (to, by, to, to)

Congratulations ______ your success.

He walks _______ road.

You suffer from _______ Malaria.

It is best to write ________ ink. (from, on, on, to)

Muslims believe in _______ in Allah.

The poor live on the ______ hand of the mouth.

You will blame _____.

We have discussed the details of ______. (to, for, to, in)

I will stand ________ at a difficult time.

You prevented me _________ from going there.


Leo was offended by my _____ performance.

Death is better than ______ shame.

Anna focused ______ on her studies.

Nora gave _______ smoking.

This shirt is ______ comfortable for me. (to, inside, up, to)

Let me introduce you to ____ my friends.

Adil was suffering from _____ the flu.

You will never see the _______me program.

It is not easy to separate ______ the items you like. (to, by, through, by)

He doesn’t care __________ me.

What time is ______ your watch?

You invited me to ______ tea.

Pay me _______. (for, by, to, for)

People have been deprived of their rights _________.

Bushra was sitting ______ at him.

Akram was pardoned _________ for going to class.

You must use _______ this opportunity. (of, aside, from, of)

Consistently ______ what you say.

Tired of _____ attitude.

Hurry, time is running______.

Trust ________ God. (Inside, outside, inside)

Rexona will spread ________ his weight.

Newton _________ in our classroom. Use of Prepositions with Examples

I will stand ______ until the end.


In this case, he was wrong ______. (More, by, by, by)

The old man was shouting______ his servant.

You prevented me ______ from going there.

Used _______.

Please, do not find fault with others ______. (at, from, to, with)

We should not brag about _______ our wealth.

Wish ____ car.

He was charged with theft of _______.

They were laughing at ________ comedian. (of, for, with, at)

It is wrong to depend on others to _________.

He sold a horse __________ Rs. 50000.

America is a _____ war with Iraq.

You tried to force me _____. (to, because, to, to)

I’m dying to ___________ a cup of tea.

No _____ money for me.

I met him _____ opportunity.

People have been denied _____ rights. (for, on, by, of)

Writes ______ red ink.

Take care of _________ your health.

Leone invited me to ________ tea.

Discipline is a great success _______. (to, of, to, to)

Loved by ______ his students. Use of Prepositions with Examples

Please bring it to the office.

He holds a __________ fortune.

Neha feels inclined ________ to serve others. (with, of, after, to)


Use of Prepositions with Examples Use of Prepositions with Examples


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