Words with Silent Letters at the Beginning

Words with Silent Letters at the Beginning!

Silent letters

Often silent letters in English are actually diacritic letters. This means that rather than being pronounced, they change the pronunciation of another syllable. Compare the words ‘fin’ and ‘fine’. The ‘e’ isn’t pronounced, but it changes the pronunciation of the vowel by lengthening it.

Purpose of Silent letter

Silent letters can distinguish between homophones, e.g. in/inn; be/bee; lent/leant. This is an aid to readers already familiar with both words. Silent letters may give an insight into the meaning or origin of a word. The result is a series of words which are written in a way which seems very different from their sound. Lots of these strange ‘silent’ letters are due to the history of the English language. Not only has it absorbed plenty of vocabulary from invaders, like French, Latin and Norse, but the eventual standardization of sounds in the English language has meant that certain words, whilst keeping their older forms of spelling, have had their sounds refined and softened.

Silent Letters List

There are over 90 words in English that start with a silent letter.



Silent Letter


Business i
Know k
Knife k
kneed k
Knot k
Knight k
Knock Words with Silent Letters at the Beginning k
Yolk l
Half l
Would l
Talk l
Should l
Salmon l
Calf l
Mnemonic m
Solemn n
Autumn n
Hymn n
Damn Words with Silent Letters at the Beginning n
Condemn n
Autumn n
Receipt p
Coup p
Psychology p
Corps p
Pneumonia p
Bourgeois s
Aisle s
Apropos s
Debris s
Island s
Soften t
Ricochet t
Rapport t
Listen t
Gourmet t
Castle t
Ballet t
Asthma t
Guitar u
Guilt u
Guide u
Guard u
Guess u
Colleague u
Tongue u
Write u
Wrist w
Whole w
two Words with Silent Letters at the Beginning w
Sword w
Answer w
who w

Words with Silent Letters at the Beginning


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